Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Release of the iPhone 3G S

iPhone 3G S is not only the faster iphone yet, it is also the most powerful iPhone produced so far. It is capable of running applications up to two times faster then the previous iPhone, iPhone 3G. With the all new peer-2-peer gaming experience, there will be no need to have a wifi access point accessable anymore. This peer-2-peer network allows 2 or more players to connect to one another through bluetooth and play games with each other. For example, 2 or more players can be racing in the game "Asphalt 4: Elite Racing"

Millions of iphone users have wanted cut, copy and paste integrated into the iPhone's keyboard since the day it came out in 2007. Well now for the first time ever, the iPhone developers have gotten smart and added one of the simplest features that all the competing blackberrys have had since they were first released. With this new feature, you can even copy text or pictures from mail for instance and paste it in another email or even in a whole different application such as notes.

Finding files in the iPhone has never been easier. Simply, just slide your finger to the right when on your first home screen, and you will arrive at the Spotlight application. This application can be used to search in any application such as notes or music, or it can also be used to search over the whole iPhone's directory.

Some of the applications such as safari have had landscape in the last iPhone models. But now finally, more applications have landscape keyboard more. Mail, notes and messages are all equipped with landscape keyboard. Simply turn your iPhone on its side and your iPhone's keyboard will shift with you.
Older versions of the iPhone have 2.0 MP camera integrated into the back of the iPhone. But the iPhone 3G S now has an upgraded 3.0 MP camera, with better resolution and digital zoom capabilities. You can now record high quality videos and even edit and crop them right from the iPhone. When taking a picture just tap on the screen to focus on a specific object.

Now if you got your hands tied up, you can talk to your iPhone. Simply press and hold the the home button, and then tell it to play either a song, playlist or to even make a playlist of songs that fit together with the one you are currently listening to. Also, calls may be made by saying call either the persons name, or speaking the numbers.

The iPhone is a great tool for anyone interested in simple, easy to use phone with fun games and applications right at your fingertips.