Thursday, October 8, 2009

Great way to earn extra money with people string

sign up, its a great way to earn alot of money, its free, give it a shot!

let me know if you like it, ill give u a bonus if u sign up and tell me if u like it!


  1. i have alredy joined it.
    What is its benifit i am just un aware of it.

  2. Look-you have no understanding of AdSense TOS and you are going to lose your account!

    Only 1 impression can be given by a person a day-all others are page views and mean nothing.

    A site like this on-on average-need at least 400 unique IP impressions to get just one ad view.

    You will never see a dime unless you listen to me-I am not giving you opinion-I am giving you FACTS

    there is only one safe way to do what you want-but you my not be smart enough to be allowed to join-they will be testing everyone starting Nov 1,and before then just ban anyone and everyone who does not read and follow rules.

    My nine year old granddaughter passed-join and see if you can.
    I am not telling you this for personal gain-you do not even have to use my referral link-but if you are at all serious about wanting to earn more from your ads then join (or if you want to leave me out use ).

    Make damn sure you READ the rules before surfing or adding your pages-do not assume you know it all-they ban anyone who does not follow the rules.You can make 1000's from ads there-IF you obey

  3. Go to AdSense Alternatives review sites and look what can be done without AdSense-I feel sure you will be banned from them-though hope very much I am wrong.
    I read some of your Facebook after a friend told me of your group-and fear for you very much.

    I just got great info on a Touch Screen Monitor from yours.

    You should install a search box also-read the Search Boxes article


  5. nyamuk.......